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2024-05-05: Rack-Mounting a Zyxel AX7501
While being one of the few routers approved for Swiss 10 gigabit fiber networks, there doesn't seem to be an "official" rack mounting option for the Zyxel AX7501.
2024-02-07: DualUp-Arcade
Most "retro" arcade kits seem to be designed to have a monitor mounted "horizontally", while "real" arcades in the 80s typically had the monitor mounted vertically. For being able to play "modern" games, original arcade games and retro console titles, the LG DualUp monitor, which has a nearly square form factor, seemed to be an ideal compromise.
2022-02-12: Wirth's PL/0 as a Kotlin ParserLib Example
A friend has recently pointed me to Niklaus Wirth's PL/0, an educational programming language, serving as an example of how to construct a compiler. This seemed like a natural addition to ParserLib.
2021-08-18: AndroidSvg with Jetpack Compose
The most straightforward way to render AndroidSvg images inside Jetpack Compose is to wrap a SvgImageView in an AndroidView. This post shows how to reduce some of the corresponding ovrhead.
2020-06-28: A blast from the past
Reflections on our Quake II WebGL/GWT port about 10 years later...